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Frequently Ask Question

Q1:  Issue with atypical login

A1: Check that your network is operating correctly. Verify that your UID credentials are accurately entered. Take note of the capitalization of letters in your password.


Q2:  What steps should be taken to modify the login password?

A2: To change your login password on WINBOX, follow these steps: First, log in and navigate to the "Me" section. Then, click on "Setting" and select "Change Login Password."


Q3: What are the steps to modify the payment pin?

A3: To modify your payment code in WINBOX, follow these steps: First, log in to your WINBOX account. Then, click on the "Me" tab and select "Settings." From there, choose the option to modify your payment code.


Q4: Why was there a lack of entertainment options upon logging into Winbox?

A4: When a knowledgeable user logs in without being referred by a specific source, they are unable to access any games or perform transactions involving depositing or withdrawing cash. In order to activate the game and recharge function, visitors must adjust their settings to allow for the "recommended referrer" to be linked. 

Step 1: Start by accessing WINBOX and navigating to the "Me" section, followed by the "Settings" option, and finally selecting "Referrer".

Step 2: In the second step, individuals with knowledge in this area can conveniently scan either their friend's QR code or the QR code of the promoter they found online to establish a connection. Once this connection is established, all subsequent actions can be carried out without any issues.


Q5: Under what circumstances would you be required to log in on multiple devices?

A5: To ensure the security of your account, it is important to follow the "bind device" process when accessing your account from different devices. This involves providing your mobile phone number on a new device in order to receive a verification code for logging in.


Q6: Transaction Record

A6: The wallet function's transaction history in the top right corner allows users to filter by different platforms and time periods to access detailed transaction records. Moreover, this function provides a comprehensive overview of the user's transfer activities.


Q7: Order History

A7: The feature of order history enables users to store and access their records of recharges and withdrawals. By clicking on a specific record, users can conveniently view the associated details. In cases where top-ups or withdrawals have not yet been completed or rejected, users can navigate to the details section to understand the reason behind it.


Q8: What is the process for sharing the Referrer QR Code?


  1. Step 1 : Begin by navigating to the "Me" section.

  2. Step 2 : Proceed to the second step by selecting the "Setting" option.

  3. Step 3 :  Involves choosing the option labeled “Referrer".

  4. Step 4: When you reach Step 4, you can either export the Referrer QR Code from the album or directly scan the QR Code.

  5. Step 5: Proceed to “Next”

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General question

Q1: How can one acquire the Winbox software?


STEP 1: You can acquire the “WINBOX”. 

For users who are familiar with IOS, please access the website 
If you are an Android user, you can access the following link:

After successfully installing "WINBOX" on your mobile device, you will be required to set up your personal WINBOX account. To begin the registration process, you can simply click on the "New User Registration" button. Alternatively, you may also scan the QR code provided by the recommender or export the QR code directly from the photo in your album. To create an account without a referrer, simply click on the "Register as a Visitor" button.

STEP 2: Generate a unique identification code for your WINBOX account.


The UID serves as the account username for accessing the WINBOX application.
Upon accessing the registration page, it is necessary for users to generate a fresh login ID and establish a password. 

The last three digits of the UID cannot consist solely of numbers, and the first digit must be a letter (a-z). The UID must be at least 6 characters long and cannot exceed 15 characters. An example of a valid UID would be "abcd88" or "abc1d23".

To ensure security, it is necessary for the password to consist of a minimum of six characters. The password can be a combination of numbers and letters, or it can consist solely of numbers. For example, it could be in the format of either "123488" or "abc123".

STEP 3: Linking your phone number and email address.

After finishing the process of creating a unique User ID (UID) and password. 

Clicking the "Next" button will take you to the page where you can proceed with the binding process.

Provide your mobile phone number or email address to receive the verification code.
After successfully following the aforementioned steps, congratulations are in order as you have successfully created your very own WINBOX Account. 

Q2: Can you provide a description of

A2: UID refers to the account's Username, which is equivalent to a person's name.

The main purpose of this is to safeguard the accounts of the majority of user categories, prevent malicious individuals from unauthorized usage and deceit, and provide all users with the utmost secure encounter.

Please note that the UID account is not modifiable. 

Q3: What steps should I take if I can't remember my UID account?

A3: Step 1: Is to locate the "Forgot UID" option by clicking on "Help" located at the bottom right corner.

Step 2:  You should choose the "mobile phone number or email address" option to recover your UID. 

Step 3: Input your cellphone number in order to receive the verification code, and subsequently regain access to your UID.

Q4: If you happen to forget your UID password, what steps should you take?

A4: Step 1: Locate the "Forgot Password" option situated at the lower right corner of the login page and select it to proceed with resetting your password.

Step 2: You need to choose the option "mobile phone number or email address" to initiate the password reset process.

Step 3: You will need to provide your accurate UID account number as well as either your mobile phone number or email address. This information will be used to send you the verification code. 

Step 4: You will need to input your new password into the second box and then click on the "Next" button to successfully finish the reset process.


Q5: Description of the process for linking or associating an email address.

A5: Step 1: Involves logging into the WINBOX platform and navigating to the "Me" section, specifically the "Picture Avatar" option and then selecting "Email."

Step 2: Providing your email address and selecting the option to send a verification code to your email.

Step 3: Input the verification code that has been recently sent to you via email.

Step 4:  Proceed to select the "Next" button in order to finalize the binding process. 


Q6: How can one link or associate a phone number to a particular device or account? 

A6: Step 1: Log in to WINBOX using your credentials. Once logged in, navigate to the "Me" section and locate the Picture Avatar option.

Step 2: Inputting your mobile phone number and selecting the option to receive a verification code on your mobile device.

Step 3: Inputting your mobile phone number and selecting the option to receive a verification code on your mobile device.

Step 4: Selecting the "Next" button in order to finalize the binding process. 


Q7: What is the purpose of linking a phone number or email address?

A7: Having the option to link your mobile phone number or email address is advantageous as it allows you to easily update or retrieve your password in the future. Furthermore, this information can be used to receive verification codes. 


Q8: To bind a bank account, follow these steps.

A8: If the user has not linked their bank account for withdrawal, the system will prompt them to select the bank account they wish to use for withdrawals. 

Here are the instructions on how to link your bank account:

Step 1: You need to access the WINBOX platform and navigate to the "My" section, followed by selecting the "Bank account" option.

Step 2: You should select the "Add Bank Account" option. Then, provide the required information such as the account name and account number. Once you have entered the details, proceed by clicking "Next" and then click on "Send Verification Code". Fill in the received verification code to finalize the process of binding your bank account. 

Step 3: You will need to choose the type of your bank, provide your account name and account number, and then click on the "Next" button.

Step 4: You need to click on the option to send the verification code. Once you receive the code, fill it in to successfully bind your bank account.


Q9: Can you please provide a description of a payment

A9: The payment pin, known as A9, is an essential security measure implemented to safeguard the interests of our users. By setting up a payment pin, you establish an additional layer of protection. Whenever you initiate a transfer or withdrawal, you'll be prompted to enter your payment pin in order to successfully complete the transaction. This ensures the overall security of the entire transfer process. 

Q10: How can a payment pin be generated? 

A10: If the user fails to generate a payment code prior to making a transfer, the system will guide the user to establish a payment code in the following manner.

To access WINBOX, navigate to the "My" section and select "Settings." From there, choose "Modify Payment Code" to set your payment pin. Make sure to enter the pin twice for confirmation.

The payment pin is a 6-digit code that you should avoid setting as something too simple, such as 123456 or 888888, to ensure the security of your account.

Q11:  Information describes the CHIPS system.

A11: Chips which are calculated based on the rebates from the bets made by your subordinates and your own total bets.

Additionally, the "LIONKING" gaming platform offers the opportunity to acquire chips. LIONKING occasionally provides generous "PRIZES" and users can earn chips of varying amounts as a reward on the platform.

The game icon features a small green chip logo, indicating that these particular games support chips for entertainment purposes. Currently, "EKOR," "Poker Win," and "Lion King" are among the games that allow players to use chips. 

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